help needed please

howdy, if you consider a site i became designing www. primeonline. ie you’ll notice the correct column is completely wrong and coming off of its template… does anyone know how to fix this please, id really thanks

It looks fine if you ask me until I get started resizing the browser, I’m guessing you’re over a smaller resolution and the extremely wide internet site just won’t fit. Something in this middle column (or the column itself) have to have a set and also min width that they are reduced.

Michelle’s correct. It’s your banner to the bottom of the particular page. Either move this below the about three columns or also, remove it completely (it probably isn’t doing you significantly good since it is only there regarding banner trading uses. )

your navigation has the benefit of a set position. Set it to something like this

left: auto; 

or minimize it’s current price

The favicon can be a dead giveaway that it is just a joomla website, you’ll want to check your module positions this just might help you locate the error in the CSS files.

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