Help! Project Research Server side programming

Howdy, I am accomplishing my EPQ with college please might you help me along with research by answering a shorter 5 question study

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Whenever you can please email friends about it

Thank You


You’re going concerning this all wrong.

If you want help on what exactly programming language/framework to make use of to build your application, you clearly don’t know enough about any advisors to properly make your chosen practical application. Asking general questions without the many choices (I will not see ASP. NET to the list, for example) rules users.

You’re also unlikely to find everyone who knows all four in the chosen languages good enough to answer your own question, so most folks will pick PHP because it’s the only one they know.

I didn’t get past this particular… Speed is a criteria for your Good Programming Language Simple use for the end user
Both speed and simple use are a function of an properly designed project ( irrespective of the programming vocabulary used), because that developer understands that capabilities and constraints of his environment and himself along with his skills…
Support for any programming language can be a valid metric
Easy to system and High Functionality ( sorts of an oxymoron generally there ) me seems…

That’a what Used to do – once I acquired in I realized I understand some CGI/Perl and also abosolutley nothing related to Ruby on Bed rails – so PHP seemed to be really my only choice.
In order to keep doing the following survey, at least tell us what the basic choices shall be before we enter it.

This can be starting to appear to be you were explained to to ask these questions by ones teacher. The teacher probably invented this list regarding questions, or a thing similar, and you reposted them.

One of these, and Webzarus touched on it, is actually " ease of use for the finish user". The person never sees server-side value (assuming you coded the particular project properly), so the ease of use with the end user will come from the HTML/CSS/Javascript (if applicable) productivity, not the node side.

If your teacher did indeed provide you with these questions, you might want to talk to your own principal/school board administrator/anyone preceding your teacher that may listen, because ones teacher is contributing you down any garden path.

Used to do your survey, mind you, but I just picked PHP for the reason that option I would have picked wasn’t generally there.

There may be a reason for not having asp on there exists if read the particular intro – thats because we must lower the expenses and only accomplish opensource

No, you wrong our teacher could not give us any questions in any respect, he is profitable business teacher and dosen’t know any thing related to programming, secondly this can be a project that doesn’t ought to be fully developed and also the point of this survey should be to do our main research, we can’t look at anyone above when they don’t have a idea on the way this should work as well as whole point of this project is to educate yourself a programming terms

So ok , i’ll get this direct…

The point of the project is to educate yourself a programming terminology.
You’re being evaluated by way of a business teacher which doesn’t know legitimate.
And you really don’t see anything a bit more off about that

You’ll find open source ASP (and. NET) scripts available at the same time. Are they frequent No. Are some people good Like nearly all open source material, no (at very least the ASP products.. haven’t really done anything using the. NET stuff). But they are doing exist. You’re possibly not going to lower your costs by implementing an open source solution, either. Dependant upon what it is usually you ultimately turn out doing, it may hit you up for more to hack anything open source than it is going to to build coming from scratch.

Properly, yes http: //www. aqa. org. uk/qualifications/projects/extended-project-epq. php that is the official project exam board.
You can apply your project within anything eg: Design and build a barberque
Me and my mate are doing it in server area programming so you can easlily learn a development language before uni. Our business teacher gave us simple as he takes care of epq (extended job qualification) and AQA Baccalaureate
(http: //web. aqa. org. uk/qual/bacc. php) and we have to design a system so that users to insight activities eg non-reflex work and say that the will receive that AQA Baccalaureate or not which will generate the certificate

I really hope that you recognize me better now.


PS we don’t prefer to use a ready made thing – we must build it through from scratch to evidence it and we really need to spend at lowest 120h.

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