Help! Slow loading site!

Greetings all,

I’m currently owning a wordpress blog being hosted with fatcow.

When I navigate towards the site there is apparently a pretty good hang prior to browser even starts to load this page. Most belonging to the wait is should the browser says " looking ahead to www. craigstrade. com… "

Does this look like a DNS issue

Anyway, as you can easily see above, the LINK is www. craigstrade. com

Any help diagnosing this problem would be tremendously appreciated!

Thank you,

MY SPOUSE AND I suspect it’s a person’s host itself. With a shared account you’ll be sharing resources for the WP database and so forth. To me, the lag looks like it would be the time it’s taking for making the db calling.

We’d monitor it above different times from the day and find out if it gets greater or worse. If it receives better at very low peak times (later during the night time etc) then you recognize its the weight on their hosts causing issue.

It could possibly also be something with all your WP implementation by itself, but others will often have more to offer on that.

WP Super Cache is usually an essential for just about any WordPress site.
Live journal WP Super Cache Wetpaint Plugins

Also install YSlow that is part of your Firebug plugin pertaining to Firefox. It offers you some suggestions on areas it is possible to improve upon pertaining to speed.
Bing! YSlow for Firebug

You can even check your website’s speed at Pingdom. I suggest running the exam twice.
Bing! YSlow for Firebug

Somebody mentioned WP Cache. MY SPOUSE AND I second that. If you don’t have it installed, get it installed.

Alternative activities that can slowly you down. PNG files with lots of transparency. Run any of your respective images through yahoo’s smush. it to obtain faster loading graphics. There are other ways to do that, but that’s one which I use mainly because it’s easy. Sometimes, it leaves the image to become less than attractive, but 90% of that time period, it’s just very good.

Database queries from WP can slow you decrease… but WP Cache can handle many of that.

Yslow was previous, too. Use them! On that brand, the firefox plugin Firebug in its entirety is an essential for every designer.

I’ve done a couple of WordPress sites along with custom themes and suggestions are thoughts:

1) Investigate everything people have got stated above. Specifically WP Super Cache.

2)This may perhaps be an issue together with plugin scripts (or any scripts for the matter) running inside head of your website, as opposed on the script. Make sure that your entire scripts are being called inside footer. Some plugins use this by default, others receive a little tweaking.

3)Another plugin to seem into is WP Minify… it automatically minimizes almost everyone external CSS and also JS. It also offers the functionality involving forcing all JS towards the footer (if you have correctly called " wp-footer" inside your theme template). At times, this feature can screw some material up though consequently just mess around by it.

Anticipation that helps a few!

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