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Greets! So it appears editing and changing stuff about the tumblr blog that I’ve just opened isn’t as basic as I initially thought. There are a load of nice themes and there is also a way for you to edit the article code manually. I prefer the default theme, changed a little the colors and also did some adjustments, but I’ve got hardly any HTML coding knowledge so that it difficult for me to increase some facebook social plugins to the blog. I experimented simply by copying and pasting rule from guides round the web but the outcome were unsatisfying and We were not able to be able to position the elements where I want to, simply don’t know how to do that. I’m trying to add the facebook comment box afre the wedding of the posts/articles (that I am going to write) and in addition a " Like" press button. I am aware that there’s already a plugin for the comment feature called DISQUS that is definitely well adapted for any tumblr blogs but I favor the facebook additional and since a lot of my readers shall be friends that I’ve got on fb may the correct verdict.

This is what I have on my mind:

Things I’d like to achieve:
Add a fb comment box towards posts
Add a Like button towards front (main) page in order to each post
Make the posting title clickable (working to be a link).. the default theme won’t have that functionality

I’ll give all your info needed and the page code too. I hope there’s someone willing to aid me, guess it isn’t very difficult to implement this stuff (hopefully). Oh and I’ll give proper credit rating

anyone.. a good advice.. anything

There are not most of us here who make use of Tumblr – I never have — but will seek out it a touch.
It’s been less than a day since you posted – own patience, someone just might help.

Many thanks for replying. Should maybe mention the fact that blog is
http: //xerxa. tumblr. com/

and also the code is the following:
http: //pastie. org/2439703

the chek out the fb sociable plugins
http: //developers. facebook. com/docs/plugins/

We have done some impression editing.. added the elements just how I’d like them to appear like
basically I’d would like a Like box (where you will observe the people that liked the page) inserted inside white space:
alter. jpg

I am not sure tho you can get one like that for those who don’t have the fb page for any blog, in that scenario I guess I’d be proud of a simpler solution:
edit2. jpg

Oh and this is one way I’d like to increase the fb features to the posts
edit3. jpg

and also the last one which isn’t extremely important.. making the championships clickable, i think those are called permalinks
edit4. jpg

so I guess that is definitely it, anyone around the challenge

Well, so far as I can find, the like box links back to your FB web site, so if you do not have one it won’t work.
Quote in the Facebook Developer’s site:
The Like Box is often a social plugin that allows Facebook Page managers to attract as well as gain Likes from their own website. So on Box enables clients to:

  • See what number of users already this way Page, and which of their friends like this too
  • Read recent posts in the Page
  • Like that Page with you click, without having to visit the Page

Have you been paid to https: //developers. facebook. com/docs/reference/plugins/like-box/ where you can create and get the code to the like box

Oh yea seems I don’t read that.. I lack a fb article and I speculate I wont open one for a simple blog, I’ll be ok which includes a like button, just how it’s presented around edit2. jpg just don’t know how to place it in there.. lol

Click on over – it have to help.
https: //developers. facebook. com/docs/reference/plugins/like/.

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