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Greetings Everyone,
My client likes this web page, but I would like to add something to it to supply it more design than just Random world. He does not want any longer content on the idea than what the thing is, so I are unable to break it in place with images and up text… I was imagining a background may also help, but what

Thanks to your time and inventive advice.


a bg on the bg or are you replacing the bg you have now

I guess you might say bg over a bg.
They likes to aircraft background as is usually. I’m trying to think of what might go behind everything (the body). He likes a full color site plus he doesn’t need anymore content. What the truth is is it. I am aware it’s crazy. I do believe white would perform best. Maybe put some sort of drop shadow on the container and then color the body

i would say they are seeking simplicity. you could possibly be over thinking that. that aside, all possible suggest is some sort of glass panel.

I do believe having white background looks boring.. The existing background looks cool, you can place a drop shadow to the container though..


You are having an excellent background, don’t alter it. Even longing for you . that it just isn’t stylish try a specific product white.

Thank you.

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