Help with designing a website for different resolutions?

Relating to been creating websites for some time now but cant apparently cut the job short by simply using one site for those resolutions.

Any ideas would certainly be grateful. Only thing helping us is css, requiring you to create three different pages jointly for different file sizes. so if the website has 5 pages I would have to make 15 internet pages, etc.

Thanks earlier.

You’re searching for a liquid array. Liquid layouts explain columns, etc. with regard to percentages as opposed to set widths.

Remember, though, that whatever, there are planning to be some set width issues you are likely to live through (e. g. photos, Adsense code if you’re a publisher, for example. )

Look at the 1140px grid program, it makes good use of media queries to suit completely down to mobile or portable resolutions!

thanks for any liquid info TheGAME1264… it came in very useful. You lost me to the 1140px, Ganners, but thanks anyway a similar. But i own but another problem on my palms or rather question which is will liquid layout assist images and pen

Sorry, shouldve presented a link! Check this site out: http: //cssgrid. net/

It will eventually work with pictures, flash is an alternative matter though, so you don’t really wish to resize flash stuff I’d think.

http: //css-tricks. com/138-the-perfect-fluid-width-layout/

thank you all very very helpful. ill keep people guys in our prayers for these kind of end times.


Lol, many thanks… Still got 1 days left!

Men, it’s just a belief. A tad pessimistic for my personal liking, but they meant well by simply his comment. He has showing gratitude, so no harm, absolutely no foul. Just thank you for the bless you.

In addition to, the end of the world doesn’t to be a bad thing:


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