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I have a concept for a feature I would like to put using a website page but I’m unsure what it’s authored in. I’m guessing Adobe flash but I’m undecided.

I’d like to add a tiny door/icon that you visit. The door opens so you are directed to help another page. It could also have an arrow aiming to it that moves between the two pointing toward that picture to visit or simply an arrow around the door itself Is niagra making sense Furthermore, is this hard to perform I’ve seen some thing similar on different sites. I just don’t know how to action my thought.

Thanks on your help with this kind of!

BTW, I’m not in search of something to begin this for me. I would like to know what form of program does this and I will figure it out from there, hopefully.

I asked some of our flash guru along with she said it really is done in display, but there may be a pre made script somewhere in the land of the net that will get it done for you and she had utilised it before but doesn’t remember where she found the item. Maybe start together with Dynamic Drive if use of else will let you.

Thanks, Bleau canon. I have sorted out the pre-made ones and I believe they will complete the task. They are animated gifs. I wanted to know how to do this because I would like a very specific color for that door. I’ll keep checking and decide if I can figure out how to change the color with the door.

Many thanks again.

P. AZINES. I just checked out Dynamic Drive but it looks like a fantastic place to get plenty of stuff including what I’m seeking! Thanks a mil!

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Thanks for any reminder, Alphamare! I always appreciate the many good help these!

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