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Hi there there – I’m designing my earliest (serious) website. Things are going well, but it’s occurred to me that I’m gonna need some advice with the creation of a questionnaire page.

Quite simply, the page has to be somewhere where some sort of client can visit and check a number of boxes to indicate which services they might need, then click any box that pronounces " go", or perhaps some such, where point an electronic mail is automatically sent to me telling my home which services they’ve listed for, and they’re taken to a PayPal page asking them paying the sum complete cost of all they’ve chosen.

And so, there should always be check boxes marked with something like:

Support A (10)

Support B (5)

Support C (15)

for example if the consumer checks the box for services THE and C plus clicks " Go" they’re taken to a PayPal page asking them paying 25 and Im sent an email letting me find out about the details on the order (i. electronic., John Smith offers ordered services YOUR and C). Ideally there also need to be a ability for them to help upload a phrase file that also gets sent to me via email.

How possible is niagra It seems to be the kind involving thing that’s doable, could anyone inform me how to do this or point my home towards a tutorial that may show me how to proceed I’m using Dreamweaver CS5. 5 if that’s useful information, and I’m hosted through fatcow. com – but I’d rather avoid spending money on anymore of their extras.

In any case, any help or advice would be hugely appreciated – and if you would like any more information from me I’m very happy to give it.

Kind regards,


The majority of decent hosting carriers have FAQS plus tutorials on this kind of things. As for the particular pay pal integration they have information on what you need to be sending to their system,.

Most completely doable, but as you are want email via thief servers I’d suggest seeing should they have any requirements or restrictions on the way to do that as every hosting provider is usually a little different.

With thanks, Webzarus – I went onto Fatcow’s site and found a tutorial to get a standard email kind – unfortunately the idea didn’t have facilities for uploading a document that they are emailed or PayPal integration – nonetheless it did have this specific:

I’m thinking the URL could point that will PayPal. com with a few commands attached (whether or even not Paypal provides this facility I’ll have to discover – if anyone knows should they do, let me personally know! ).

Usually there are some other script tutorials on the webpage concerning Perl, PHP and Python – would any of these be worth a glance at Sorry if of your stupid question, I’ve never genuinely delved further into web page design than dipping the toes in CSS and doing some paddling in HTML DOCUMENT.

Maybe you may upload a script of my own (or one MY PARTNER AND I find elsewhere) towards server and get that do the work

In any case, thanks a great deal.

If they use a peel script that would help you upload and send that is going to be the way to go. Otherwise, I know there are various php scripts at hotscripts. com that will allow you to do that so long as your server is definitely setup properly.

For pay pal integration, you might want to login to your pay pal account to access the stuff you will need from them, I remember it had been really buried… ( the reason by that is they have instructions on what needs to be passed from your page to their system for it to your workplace )

Thanks – this FatCow website is slightly ambiguous as to whether I’ll have to pay for extra before Allow me to script in Perl, Python or perhaps PHP, but I’ve currently managed to use some JavaScript without every problems, so there’s a fantastic chance it’ll be alright to make use of the other ‘languages’. As far as pre-installed Perl Pieces of software go, they get this list at their website:

Whether any of that’s worthwhile I don’t realize. Do you imagination letting me know very well what the scripts that make it happen on HotScripts. com are usually called

With thanks.

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