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Iam attempting to find out which would be your best forum software to me to use,
I would prefer a forum which includes the ability that include its own webpages, I tried phpbb3 with xampp and it also didnt have any options for webpages..
are available any forum softwares (preferably free) which have this ability

I currently have got a forum/website running about Zetaboards www. dslbuddy. net and I would prefer to move them elsewhere because even though ZB has good quality functionality its starting to be a let-down (and costly)

any advice on this subject matter would become much apprecaited.



You should look at a number of CMS’s many bring forums already integrated. You might give up on some forum functions, but you may have plenty of options to provide other pages.

WHEN I use phpFusion normally, although it is actually less popular compared to drupal, joomla and also those, it does a very good job for several of my clients, and it is fairly easy to master in the to come back end.

Just an idea.

Check away www. xenforo. com (this home’s using it).

I’m keen BBpress.

thanks with the replys… i love the planning of this mother board so will defo take a look at xenforo, but i may look at BBpress too

– what on earth is CMS

gives thanks

content supervision system.

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