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Hi, everyone. First of all, I’m very new at website design. I’m just proud that I’ve achieved it this far devoid of a mental dysfunction. Anyway, here should go…

I have built a site for our photography business along with the url is internet. LenzPhotography. net. I became recently informed by just a few people which they couldn’t access the positioning; only a ignore page. I knew these folks were using Web Explorer, so I become available DreamWeaver Cs 5 VARIOUS. 5 and seen my site around Internet Explorer and sure enough I got the same problem. The web-site works fine throughout Safari on Macintosh personal computer, as well since Google Chrome with PC. At first when i went to our site, only that black background ended up being showing and IE8 seemed to be displaying compatibility method. Then, after trying to google my challenge I pasted < xml version=" A SINGLE. 0" > in the beginning of the insurance coverage which now exhibits the contents belonging to the page at primary, but IE8 pops up the box saying its unable to function well Active x bla bla… then if i click Allow it goes right back to nothing but the black background in addition to doesn’t show this contents anymore. I’m pretty sure the challenge is something with the slideshow of images We’ve embedded on the chief page, but I don’t learn how to make it appropriate for IE mainly because it works fine on all other browsers. Also, I am by using page as a landing page with my portfolio scrolling across the screen with a new click to get into button to enter the bulk of the site. In IE, if i type in world wide web. LenzPhotography. net/index2 the other page works beautifully. It’s only your opening page.

I’m sorry I’m a newb with this like WHEN I said. The problem could’ve already been posted and solved elsewhere in the discussion board, but I do not know where to even begin in search of it. Thanks for virtually any help in state-of-the-art.

I would approach this in the manner like that…

Save your valuable current index. php site somewhere safe.
Create " index. php" a copy of the page that is effective.
Begin adding within the slideshow part, by comparing it considering the old index. php.
See what point the particular page crashes.
I see it’s a javascript error, although I can’t figure out which part can be failing.

A SINGLE. Define a logical doc type

IE 8 acts weird with not a real doc form.

3. I saw coming from my new application on my apple iphone, a flashvar within the code, if that you’re using flash, ie8 again doesn’t prefer that way of embedding flash. Security issues basically stops the web browser dead when the item sees this computer code. Although not altogether wrong, it’s a vunerability in ie8 in order that they just stop your browser from cutting open the exploit.

How to fix is choose a site using expensive, and see how these are embedding their thumb on their webpages.

Or don’t utilize Flash at most of.
It might not really be worth it in the long run anyhow (with HTML5 coming).

in force doc type:

<! DOCTYPE html document PUBLIC " -//W3C//DTD XHTML A SINGLE. 0 Transitional//EN" " http: //www. w3. org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional. dtd" >
< html document xmlns=" http: //www. w3. org/1999/xhtml" dir=" ltr" lang=" en-US" >

examine laurenlund. com, she has an incredibly interesting and the best way embed flash therefore it’s either visible to your browser or the idea loads an image for anyone browsers that can’t or won’t display flash.

Thanks for all the replies everyone. I haven’t had time to work on it however, but I will make sure to update when I obtain it fixed.

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