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wassup instant messaging new and i need help on produced teh perfect structure… i want any layout like aol msn… or anything that features a clean but attrative layout… any suggestions… help is required urgently… thanks beforehand

What do you really need help on

The particular code.. The subject material.. Certain image effects

Your question is obscure.

We know you’ll need help, but have you been handcoding the system, or using a version of a software

well need to hand code the site… u know how yahoo is manufactured and msn…. every little thing is well content… organized is what i mean… thats what im tryin for getting… something like the 3 column system…

Three-column styles are, from precisely what I gather, hell we know, especially when you no longer know exactly what height you desire the columns to become. There are, however, certain hacks to complete it if you browse online.

Head you, Yahoo! and MSN aren’t exactly types of clean layouts. Way too much information packed in too little space. However Yahoo! is much better than MSN.

ok but wat does one mean by hacks… please explain… tell me just how do i get the hackers… u2u me if you cant expain openly

Not real. You can complete 3 col layouts simillar to yahoo! does utilizing the same method : tables. It’s only if you try to try and do them in css that they become difficult.

Yahoo is defined as a very huge, very complex and very expensive content management system. Or CMS pertaining to sort. There are extensive CMS scipts available for example postnuke or xoops. They won’t create anything because giganormous as Yahoo!, but they could get quite huge if you need them to.

For reviews connected with CMS sctips examine www. cmsmatrix. org

Most evident. I forgot to mention that I was organization CSS, as tabled pattern has begun to be able to disappear from my own brain, fortunately.

In terms of the hacks, WHEN I don’t personally know them because We have never tried these, but you will get them with a Google search; or, I believe usually there are some good ones for a List Apart

thanks with the resource

Three column styles in CSS may not be that bad. Do not make another table-based website. They eat bandwidth and are much harder to hold or modify. Be able to do a CSS established 3 column layout, even if requires you a little longer initially. You won’t dismiss it.

There are some really good totally free tutorials about THREE OR MORE column layouts in existence. Just do a Google search at 3 column styles. There’s also that one page that occurs high in the outcomes that lists something such as 47 ways to complete a 3 column design, all of which might be free.

The layout I employed to learn 3 column layouts is available at http: //www. bluerobot. com/. In connection with to change that colors, etc, to ensure that your site appears unique. He has a number of people copy him without doing any serious work.

If you absolutely can’t find anything in any way, I can maybe ensure that you get a little assist in figuring it released.


Assuming you’re looking at the three-column design at http: //bluerobot. com/web/layouts/layout3. html document, while this is actually useful, when WE, at least, declare three-column layout’, that’s not what i mean. Generally the columned layout that is definitely difficult is the actual print-style column design with fixed heights for all those three columns that may change depending around the contents. There is no easy solution to do that in CSS2, although CSS3 has a multi-column layout module built to handle just which (http: //www. w3. org/TR/2001/WD-css3-multicol-20010118/ ).

CSS looks a lot better on a site and many people feel looks more expert than a site using furniture… personaly i’m only learning myself nonetheless pyro dragon includes shown me several of his sites and so they look better along with CSS than furniture… lol, also if there are actually any great sources which may have reliable CSS information i might be grateful to learn them

Probably the best place to have information is the particular specification itself, even though it can make regarding somewhat difficult reading occasionally:
http: //www. w3. org/TR/CSS21/
As well, http: //alistapart. com/ includes some pretty amazing stuff. There are plenty of good sites, you only have to poke around. Devmo (http: //developer. mozilla. org/ ) seems very promising (the CSS section reaches http: //developer. mozilla. org/en/docs/CSS ). Note that Devmo can be a wiki, so anyone can contribute.

thanks with the help, that helps me figure away CSS coding!

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