We are very new to this field. But wanted to built my unique website. Since We are a electronics student so I need to to built by myself website for my project promotion intent do please guidebook me. I dont need any free on-line portal but desire to built my individual.
And can we really host my internet site from my home network(A pc based server attached to internet 24/7).

To not be insulting or anything, but I’m gonna assume you do not know anything about website development. In that case start in w3schools. com. Learn HTML and CSS. Subject to how good you want your site to get, you might want to learn a bit connected with javascript/jquery.
This might take a whilst though. Your alternatives are: buy costly WYSIWYG editor (Dreamweaver) because they require minimal perception of code OR hire an internet designer to do it for you.
Unless you need to get into website design, it’s not worthwhile to learn dozens of languages for one site.

Many thanks for your rapid reply. I currently have dreamweaver cs4 having me. I believe can do the project so apart from that what the heck is joomla and expression press.

and think about home hosting employing my pc device

Well, for those who have DW cs4 and are not aware of much about signal, then you could get started with in which. DW is really horrible with value, but we can probably guide you straight if it have really bad
joomla as well as wordpress are content material managment systems. A person take already-made web themes, and customize them to your liking. This requires perception of moderate HTML/CSS and a bit of PHP in case you obtain errors and these.
Sorry I’m unclear about PC web host. I know the best free host you can use for testing while.

that means We would like to study with regards to html and css Proper, Please provide the particular free hosting internet site.

Yeah definitely study up on those. Here’s the free hosting site that i like.

Thanks a good deal………………… Its time for Study…

Subject to your Internet issuer… Will determine if you can host from dwelling..

Most ISP’s don’t allow internet hosting on residential provides… Not only which… But you are usually as new to the as I suspect… You can potentially throw open every pc on the home network to be able to hackers… If the hyperlink and server may not be setup properly.

I would suggest an inexpensive hosting plan… Some are every month so when you’re done in your project… Just quit… Of course you can receive a cheap hosting plan to get a year… For what it might cost for Few months of the every month hosting…

You will want a domain name regardless of which route you… If you can host at home you’ll also need a dynamic dns account somewhere to point the website to your installation.

Once you have a grasp upon HTML and CSS… Various of free templates that you may download and see how these are done… But that is definitely for another morning.

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