Here is an easy-to-install/customize Twitter feed plugin

After searching for some time online, I finally discovered a Twitter plugin which is very easy to install and customize. I thought i always should share it along with you guys.

Here is the link: http: //www. 1stwebdesigner. com/css/customize-twitter-search-widgets/

To customize this plugin, you must have basic perception of CSS. It also involves basic features from the javascript that you post on the html page. These features can be added or recinded by inserting ‘true’ or ‘false’ through the variables of individuals features.

Also you can change what twitting feed is shown from the javascript.

I hope some of you get it helpful.

Many thanks.

This one falls into the category of " snippets". Because we (the staff) are generally discussing
whether or not we should have a section in WDF at code " snippets", in addition to like in this
circumstance, a link to your code " snippet". I’m wondering just what exactly other peoples’ thoughts are on this.

A ‘snippets’ area would be VERY helpful. It would save all his time when looking for a script. It took me hours to get this script.

My concern within the snippet topic is that this:
So one man or women might submit some excellent snippets that work great
and they are helpful. Others might distribute some snippets which might be poorly scripted,
or maybe have bugs around them. There will end-up creating a need for quite a few type of
responses or feedback, and that is where the complications will begin. Arguing
in addition to bickering over snippets… my method is way better, your method can be not
successful, that snippet was mine so you copied it and also resubmitted it… for example.

Pretty much copy code via other sites, additional scripts, other individuals. Who is to be able to say
than a snippet is " mine", or the fact that scripting I submitted was copyrighted
because doing so was a part of code pulled beyond X-Cart or some other software
that isn’t free Plenty of issues that help make me think them won’t work.

I think it’s the better plan in theory, but in real-life it isn’t going to end up being good.

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