Here’s the plan folks!

I’m planning to build myself a pleasant website, then I’m going to ask for any help We need in this threa, and when I’m sure I’ve reached completion I’m going to ask for a review in that other section
Here i will discuss the URL:
http: //shovenose. net78. net/

Get it on

Requires content. And any spell check.

I asked my buddy in china to make a quick illustration of what the site should seem like. Here’s what he created
Besides the fact Hardware Insights probably won’t even be mentioned which it looks a tad similiar in order to microsoft. com I like it

Lol, well I realized I currently have my own zero cost hosting company so no fact that 000webhost. com LOL. making sure that link is for no reason gonna change
Here’s the revolutionary one:
http: //shovehost. com/shovenose

Your orangey-yellow color is actually sorta ugly. The top looks nice nevertheless. I wouldn’t help make the navigation back links black, be more creative by it. And, for gods sake, don’t use msn.

Im loving the fresh site currently.. The black text on the white is genuinely really appealing thanks

I know I hate the particular 404 page lol. I was really bored when i made it before!

I’m actually wanting to make a tailor made forum skin pertaining to my forum so it may be a few days and nights before I get this done. But I’ll make sure to update this thread if the magic happens!

ALRIGHT, here’s the most up-to-date version:
http: //shovehost. com/shovenose/
(and yes I recognize the About Myself page, the only other page that truly exists, is type of an exaggeration of my abilities, but by the time I actually tell anybody around the site it will not quite such numerous lies )

I’m assuming you would like critique, so here goes…
I like the background image, but the text inside the picture doesn’t really live up to what it stands when in front of (if that would make sense). Try generating ‘shovenose. com’ plus ‘see what’s next’ all shiny and colourful. The white doesn’t really practice it.
Style these much more. Give them quite a few mouse-overs, color, and so forth. Maybe make them bigger, but not likely.
You set a good color scheme with the header, but it doesn’t seem like you followed the item for the other page. The design is great, but you have to use bolder colorations, because it seems you will discover too many harmless colors floating round the page.
Additionally, the about me page appears a wall of text. Maybe throw in a very picture of yourself or something that pertains to you.

Other than those details, it’s really a great start. Beneficial, solid layout including a great plan.
Hope this helps, best of luck

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll keep it planned definitely, and yes there will be a picture of me on the top right corner in the about me site. I definitely will make the navbar word bigger! I’m thinking of making the search bar background coloration (currently bluish) directly into organge. good thought

A very light orange will be pretty cool, sure

The same orange for the reason that bottom

Not any, that would become too dark. What you’re choosing is a conventional search bar with a little bit of flavor. With darker orange, it’s gonna resemble a random rectangular shape.

Hmm well it looks a lot better to make the navbar a similar orange as the bottom. But that even now keeps the question that color for the background in the area around the particular search bar

There’s no doubt that you should choose a color scheme. There are some palettes online you could choose from. Check out a number of them here, see what type strikes you. Pick one, and then will probably be way easier to decide which color to settle on for what. And when you have to make the search bar as well as the footer the exact same shade, I would make the footer a new lighter tone additionally.

Oh costly. LOL. Choose one with luck please or different I’m gonna sit here for just two hours trying to select one.

also if you do decide on a darker color to your background for instance like #333 go straight into photoshop and then add noise to the 100px squared part set as track record and roll. It for whatever reason improves text view-ability ive observed… check out my personal site in my sig to obtain my idea.

I’m on this old laptop at this time. It doesn’t have Photoshop. Later tonite when I’m on my new computer I’ll try of which out!

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