Hi and my website problems :(

Greetings people,

Relating to had a website suitable for me… and really i am so disappointed with it and it offers really disheartened my family.

my website is Site Offline nonetheless at them moment its not likely safe to get there because for some reason the security has been tampered with. Manged to get an email by google telling us so.

I emailed the corporation that designed and host my site and are also sorting it out as we speak.

But my problem is that this…

The CMS i do believe its called which permits you to edit the website given to us through the company who designed its truely horrible to use.
Also we are unable to modify the layout connected with my site and when i type much more text then the boxes which have been fixed it messes ” up ” everything.

Relating to paid a fair little money to this company and have had really bad final results

So im thinking if anyone is aware of of any user-friendly offers or programmes that will me get somewhat faith back from the site i include.. or any normal help

Numerous thanks


edited little bit… i have simply just noticed now they have taken the website offline… probably becuase it was before un-safe… but it had been 2playercoop. com

To prevent your internet site problem you must consult CMS developer specialist. So i think you need for you to consult California web site design company.

ewebcraft – that person has come here searching for help – your own message amounts to a solicitation for the business. It’s my impression that these forums exist for individuals to help both – and if you want to advertise your services you need to do so inside correct forum, not necessarily here.

At this point Zander, to the topic – once a person’s hosting company has fixed the protection issues, please post the link plus a detailed description of what the heck is wrong – the CMS which was used (or appeared to be it custom built), the reason for the site, the reason for employing a CMS in the first place (frequent updates, etc), and what you long for to have being a end result. I’m certain there are persons on these boards, as well since myself, who could, if not correct your all difficulties (sounds like it is advisable to talk to your designer for that) but a minimum of point you inside right direction.

Greetings Alpha, thanks to your reply.

I’m still unveiled to hear on the company who designed the site to fix the reason why it is dangerous!
Still havent heard back from their store and its just about been a few days. That is among how bad we’ve actually been handled by them, its ridiculous.

The positioning is a gaming website focused upon reviewing video games. So we might need to put on video clips, pictures and normal text.

They recommended CMS to my advice which i feel was designed in-house through them.
They said its of the best ways to update items, upload images and so forth.

Effectively its horrible, basic and non-user friendly at all.

as prior to the site name will be 2playercoop. com – but right now its just any white screen having a message telling me to make contact with the company… we have and over heard nothing back

But whenever its back to normal i will let you know thanks to the reply.

Zander, do you know of access to this files (via FTP)
Do not post your FTP info here, but find what the login will be.

If you don’t get any results on the company you used, PM myself
or another WDF longtime member while using FTP account facts.

We’d be happy to at least look at just what they did in addition to offer some tips.
Generally, I’m really curious about the CMS scripting that they used (or created).

Zender, MY SPOUSE AND I wonder who managed you hire…… can it be really a professional guy In my opinion he must end up being an amateur… once online you need to upload he link in such a thread….

Alpha. why you reckon that it is some type of promotion, if i ask someone to get free consultancy from a highly skilled web designer or maybe developer Dear, companies do not depend upon this queries which come via a forum.
My concern regarding Zender was to provide him free consultancy since e web build team includes suffered CMS developers. You can find no charges for you to ask a issue regarding his problem. Thanks for your comments

ewebcraft – My sympathies – I would not see anywhere inside your post an offer on the free consultancy, only one link to a business.
We are aware that companies tend not to rely on queries from your forum, but it only looked suspicious to me that the very first two posts by were you to links to an enterprise, with no more info pertaining to the topic at hand.

Thank you Alpha for knowing my point. We adore to provide free consultancy if someone is willing to hire us with regard to his work, then we charge for this.

In addition i saw your blog and internet site. it look nice and i am impressed through the range of services that you are offering. I am WEB OPTIMIZATION specialist also plus from SEO perspective your blog in addition to website looks terrible. if you require free consultancy, i will be happy that may help you regarding promoting your sites totally free.

depending on which you paid along with the date of delivery if past, we’d stop everything and also demand my capital. then sign upward with google web sites. it has every tool you’ll need and because search engines owns youtube you would employ a easy time getting what you want from it. such as google ads. the drawback to this is it isn’t custom and cannot allow other ads not provided through google. but as long as they are telling you to use a cms to update a niche site that requires this for a primary function, it’s not really custom in the first place. a site like the one you describe really should have a user system and integrated tool to replace and edit the positioning as required, not employing a cms. a cms is what you utilize to make a new static site, not competent at offering complex scripting and very NOT skilled to drop within a clients lap.

ewebcraft :

I am intrigued you could tell my site is so very poor for SEO : how did anyone determine the keywords/market I was targeting

My last COUPLE OF clients found me online – one by carrying out a search for " web site design Vaudreuil" and they said my site came up inside top three delinquent listings, and additional searched for " web site design Soulanges" – it came up for the reason that first unpaid list of.

For those who have some free advice on easy methods to do better com

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