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Hi everyone. I’m having trouble with a certain image that’s not displaying properly around IE for Apple. This is what’s going on. In the system css rule regarding my site, I have assigned a backdrop image. This image is fixed, meaning that it stays into position while the user scrolls down the page. This image is determined to scale from 100% width with no repeating vertically. Today, in IE pertaining to Mac this graphic doesn’t scale as it does for Opera, Safari, and also Firefox. So what There’s no doubt that I want to do is hide this from IE even though forcing IE in order to simply display any background color for your body css tip. Can anyone no problem me a hint on how to get this done I’ve posted that link of this site. Those of you who’re on a MAC system hopefully will dsicover what I’m dealing with.

http: //cdemarco1. mydevryportfolio. com/mystory. html document

Not certain how Mac IE will with conditional comments, but try this with your < head> label:

<! –if IE> < type type=" text/css" > bodybackground-image: none of them; background-color: purple; < /style> <! endif–>

Yeah I’m uncertain how MAC does anything because I are deprived of a history with it, much less developing as it. Thank you very good sir, I regards.

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