How can I make a membership site?


Ive only at any time designed simple HTML sites up to now so please endure with me.

A client offers asked me to design him a site in which people can pay for being a member just as soon as they are a member they have certain privileges. I’m assuming your CMS is really the only way of going with this and I fully plan on delving into Blogger and Joomla really soon but may possibly someone give myself any tips or perhaps point me to be able to any tutorials about paid membership sites

Thank you

Wait until eventually you install and make your Joomla site.
After that, you’ll find pre-made modules for " paid membership".

Should you get into it before you install Joomla, you have to
start all over again anyhow. As having Joomla, Drupal, Live journal, etc,
you can find modules made designed for those CMS models that
assimilate into them.

And just therefore you know… what you’re engaging in is sort of advanced.
It is advisable to also deal using the Credit Card Payment Gateway for
whatever credit card merchant steps using. If that they choose to
keep everything of their site, you’ll be focusing on a secure node (SSL, HTTPS).
This is certainly called " AIM" : Advanced Integration System. If they don’t want,
and also can’t afford any secure server, you may be using " SIM" : Simple Integration System,
which makes an individual leave their site and head over to another site regarding CC entry (like PayPal).

So you do have a lot of what to learn. Hopefully, you’ve some programming practical knowledge.

i didnt know cms had paid out membership functions thats definitely interesting, will give me something to learn with in the spare time. i havnt really caused joomla before mostly just wordpress.

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