How do I get my videos to show up on my web page?

We have uploaded some mp4 as well as flv videos to my blog in a folder named " videos". We have played around together with some searches WHEN I found on exhibiting these videos with a page. No good luck. How do WHEN I get my videos to exhibit up on my personal video page

You require a video player in your site:
http: //videolightbox. com/

Or maybe search Google: add flv mp4 movies on website

The FLV will need to play in any browser which includes at least Adobe Adobe flash Player 9 and also better installed, so long as it’s embedded correctly..

the MP4 will vary, you’ll either must convert it to be able to something else or do as Mlseim says and use along with embedded video player solution…

MP4’s do however play on many mobile devices so long as you embed them properly at the same time…

So, only upload a flv along with embed it, I’ll not have to setup a player, right

It is possible to code to upload a flv file

(or is actually proper English a strong flv)

FLV involves a plugin far too…

http: //www. search engines. com/searchsclien… 166. 15486. 2-3j3j1j5j1j0j1j3. 1 OUT OF 3. 0. & pbx=1& mvs=0.

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