How do I have automatically changing pictures on my main page

Does anyone learn how I can possess about 10 photographs automatically rotate just about every 5 seconds. I am somewhat new to web development so simple methods work the very best. I would plan to have the images centered on my personal main page along with start rotating by 1 to 10 then restart once this get’s through it can be first cycle. Any help shall be greatly appreciated.

The simplest way to do his should be to use a jQuery slider – much simpler than writing the javascript yourself. Just click here.

thank an individual for replying, nonetheless I’m still a little confused. Do I merely copy and composite the jquery program code

It’s a little more complicated than of which, and it will depend on which one you decide to use.
You should go to the sites of some of the rotators and look at them out. There is often a live demo you can view, and if you decide on one you like, read what they have to say. They are usually (usually) fairly properly documented with installing instructions.

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