How do i start?

Heya all,

I dont know if this is in the perfect section, as you can view im new these.
If it’s wrong might you please move it or delete it

So i’d like to see to create a niche site, a gaming comunity for instance www. gamespot. com.
I’ve adobe dreamweaver along with photoshop.
In my site i’d like to see an image around the homepage which changes every few second for the next one. (like one on gamespot as well as msn. com)
As well as a build in website.

Precisely what programming languages should i need, or don’t you suggest
Exist any other programs i would need
I had been thinking to apply phpbb 3 for that forum, or possibly there is something better

I really hope you guys may help me with this specific.

You appear to have the gusto to aim it, but that
sort of site is centered on programming. Probably PHP and
exactly who knows what in addition.

You’re likely to need to possibly be extremely advanced
having programming languages, or perhaps hire someone. An individual can’t
do it with Dreamweaver along with Photoshop alone.

The forum can be carried out with phpBB. You may have to install,
configure, and customize it to ensure it looks such as the rest
of your website.

Not sure where you ought to start, but aging look like
something a novice could do.

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