How do you build a visitor searchable database

Heya all, i am new towards forums and to web design so be patient, i would possibly not grasp your comments straight away. What i care is how an individual design and apply a visitor searchable repository. My site targets antiques and collectibles and i’d like it to always be a one quit directory of anything linked to those topics. How do i start making all this antique dealers whom register with this site findable in case you are looking I would choose to have variable parameters just like distance, hours wide open and category. At this point the site will be bare bones which is done through Powweb and also Joomla. Any information/ assist you to can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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Joomla is your first step, the main step.

These days, you need to locate plugins (or modules) for Joomla available for membership register/login,
and another module with regard to customizable database. Seek out Joomla forums in addition to sites for information
on those techniques, and you’ll probably progress help from some sort of " joomla only" online community.


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