How do you create a drop-down box that contains a div tag?

I was thinking if anyone knows how to create a horizontally navigation bar that has div tags this drop down as opposed to lists. I have a very horizontal table along with 4 elements at this time and I want to buy that when ever previously someone hovers over one a big drop-down box may appear underneath that contains a div tag which could probably contain several div tags. I am hoping to achieve like the navigation bar come with www. play. com. My business is only using hdml and also css. At present I am starting with some sort of span function. It is for my rarely started site www. mediareviewzone. com. Thanks for reading as well as any help would be appreciated.

Look at some:
http: //www. cssplay. corp. uk/menus/

Not sure once they have some of those or not.


You may as well do a search on the internet for tutorials on that as well. Youtube must have some good tutorials

I found a thing simular to what I need on http: //www. cssplay. corp. uk/menus/ and the particular code showed me what direction to go. I will give you a donation when the positioning is finished because cssplay site is incredibly good and I would need it again before I’m finished.

AMAZING – it’s fine to hear this someone besides myself actually donates to be able to helpful sites! Good for you! It’s how we may help keep those very useful sites alive as well as updated. (and this got you your first " Like" ).

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