How do you cut-off the bottom ’tile’ of the first page of the website?

Find out how to cut-away the bottom ’tile’ from the first page on the website It’s the next tile & acts no purpose.

post a picture or a preview… not sure just what exactly you mean tile

Check out koriakincasting. com. You’ll see the 2nd tile of the film reel. That’s what I’m attempting to eliminate.

Examine swap:
< shape topmargin=" 6" bgcolor=" #99FFCC" background=" film_reel2. jpg" >


< shape topmargin=" 6" style=" qualifications: #99FFCC url(film_reel2. jpg) repeat-x; " >

you’ve also got odds of code below your footer text… that’s really the one reason that it’s displaying, get rid of the " table" along with the " form" that isn’t displaying, and the background should change properly.

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