How does one block of part of there website?

How to have a page on my website which has a link on it using a download. But the user cannot return that page through just entering of which same URL of their directory They could only access the item via a website or button or even been redirected

You would need password security, or something that creates one time links.

Enforcefx, I’m not positive why you would want to do this. But since I plan to be a contributing member of this community, I did a little bit digging. This link carries a tutorial which I’m sure might fit the bill. It allows you password protect your blog post. http: //css-tricks. com/825-easily-password-protect-a-website-or-subdirectory/

This link also shows how you can redirect the visitor to your site to another page within your site, or to a completely external site. http: //www. webworkshop. net/auto-redirecting_methods. html

You’ll have to allow us to in on why you intend to do this as there can be something you’re determined by that we are just not aware of.

If you utilize a DB around the backend, you could develop a variable which is used in a new link, or the button link, or even email… pretty much anywhere… once the link with all the variable has also been accessed, disable your variable…

this would offer you control of that can access the particular file plus let you record how many downloads of the particular file…

That seems complicated but Im sure it is usually done. I see some great responses above.

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