how is made

may someone please inform me how aol. com is built, for instances the boxes as well as the spaces between every box. Is that css completely.

Thank you for helping.

go on it no one is aware of

ive been searching for the same resolution… i think their frontpage with dreamweaver

fine, but is that in tables, almost all html or css

Go through the sourcecode of Yahoo. com to the answer.

It’s CSS / DIV / DINING ROOM TABLE (yes, all 3).

Oh yea, and some javascript as well.

How do you create several box prefer that in CSS and being qualified to control them person, so that you’ll be able to add different colors towards borders. Similar for the boxes found about www. yahoo. com

Thanks ahead of time

good inquiries… i know you are able to acheieve it having 1stpage html publisher… but thats a poor editor now as it has a false virus.

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