How Many Designs Do You Offer?

How many designs does one offer to customers At this time I offer clients 3 designs to select from but am finding this is not cost-effective as POST spend a LOOOOT of time on the design phase.

Am wondering only can cut this because of 2 designs (average customer) and also 1 design (budget customer) and also still have joyful customers

How much does everyone else do

I do plenty of work solely by simply e-mail contact, for clients that are far from myself.

I send them an exceptionally detailed questionnaire containing questions about the preferred colours, logos, other images, aim for market, what pages they demand (not everyone prefers a contact page, for example), just what the budget can be, what the timeframe is, etc.
I ask them to deliver links to as a minimum 3 sites they will like and 3 sites hi-def like, and make clear why. There is space for a wish list (do they need a photo gallery that may be updated, do they demand embedded video, that almost thing).

Once gathering all this particular info, I make a plan of the structure from the site, and a page design (on paper) of the preliminary design, in addition to scan it and also e-mail it to be able to them. That is and a phone call where we will discuss any main changes. Only at that point will I sit back and start a couple rough designs throughout Photoshop or whatever program My business is using. No fine details at this time, we’re just finalizing the layout, colours, for example.

Once the final layout is chosen and approved, then I head over to work and produce one detailed design, which they then develop the option of approving right then or asking for up to 3 revisions (revisions, not just a completely new design).

Repayment seems to work efficiently, and the comprehensive prep work really significantly reduces the design time period, leaving more in the budget for the development, so I’ll offer more features in lieu of more designs.

Side note:
We have only had a single client who said they weren’t contented, at the incredibly beginning of my personal freelance " career", and they also basically were thieves. It was a new pretty straightforward HTML/CSS web page, only 5 webpages, not expensive, and following on from the design was accepted, the site is at the development folder with my server for revisions (I won’t post the next site to that client’s server until after I have been previously paid in full).
They waffled around for a lot of months, e-mails between the two, and phone telephone calls. They had myself making tiny alterations that made absolutely no sense, and WHEN I finally told these folks enough was sufficient. That was after they said they weren’t going to go ahead with all the project.
A while later I examined on their domain and hasn’t been too surprised to view my design, with my original images, for example. They had possessed someone go as well as take the source and the many images from this server while i was discussing the " a finish touches", and put them up on their server. So basically all I obtained from that one was the downpayment, because the sum they left due me wasn’t worth going to court over.
Then I changed my own contract, and get 1/3 on agreement to visit ahead with the particular project, 1/3 following on from the design approval (while it’s still in Photoshop rather than coded at all) as well as the final installment prior to it goes continue to exist their server.

That why I have inside contract:

" all design elements including images, scripting value, layout are copyright safe by " my company" and " my company" retains all rights to all or any design elements until the contract price decided by " your own company"… is paid completely at which time frame ownership will communicate to " your own company"…

I’ve only had to provide a hosting company which includes a copy of the particular contract once… to receive the site taken off-line, until cost was rendered full… but that only along US, UK and several Canadian hosting firms ( so Im told )…

I prefer…
Can one steal that and also add it to be able to my contract

Positive… but it did not come from my personal brain… it originated someone that I had do some contract improve me years previously… and I adopted it…

Many thanks all. I agree using taking stage bills – I accomplish that now having been caught a few times. Mind you, I weakened continue month when some guy laughed and said a cheque is at the post and also did designs (which he never covered for or viewed) on the strength of what turned into a blatant are located – as oftentimes was his subsequent email that he’d had a acknowledgement and been ill and would come round the next day (he never showed). I now have Paypal attached that will my payment page in order that people who want an internet site . yesterday can pay immediately to get immediate service – no more cheques are in the post!!

AlphaMare: many thanks for such a detailed and helpful respond. You say:

Do you discover that customers can envisage what the form will be like on the basis of some sort of sketch My sketches tend to be pretty rough — once I get everything scaled in addition to shaded and details added in the design takes design and looks superior.

If the customer can envisage this, this would without doubt save some precious hours of haning out adding the points into designs which have been no-gos for that particular customer.

Good, I am a new Visual Arts (college) as well as Fine Arts (university) grad, so maybe my sketches are a little more detailed – but actually I have had approvals according to just a pen sketch of where everything might be on the page. I do explain that you will discover revisions available, and sometimes have a very rough JPG or two to indicate color placement.

Nonetheless truly, the hardest component – explaining precisely how colors look different determined by which monitor the thing is that them on. We have had clients visit my office to complain about how exactly " the random world is too dark" or maybe the " efficient looks more random world than green" and they are amazed when I place the site up about my laptop plus my desktop and demonstrate to them the difference. They are even more amazed to make sure the two monitors emotionally involved with my desktop don’t look similar – one is actually much brighter versus the other = to the point where very light greys and doldrums disappear altogether.

Usually at that point I give them the consider how usability in addition to content are precisely what the visitor is trying to find, and design will there be to support that will, not to prevails

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