How much would you charge to do a site?

I got wondering how very much you guys would charge to own a site done just like this one: online world. absolutepainters. com

My boss really likes the design and wants me to uncover an average price in regards to the net…

Just about all responses are significantly appreciated.


I would likely say around $600-$700. The code can be good but you don’t have footer and missing some meta tags. Nevertheless that’s me, I won’t even bother doing a site for a lot less than $500. But for that price, for a new static site, you’d better care for the little things along with the big things.

thanks related to i get extra responses so i will figure out what exactly is fair prices…. There has to be a standard most developers go by Like a minimum price How can it work

likewise, What should the finish be for an affiliate site like this

MY PARTNER AND I don’t rip off of other sites.

Nevertheless, I would be willing to do business with a company in order to develop 1) a purpose for the website 2) A specialized selling proposition — which precludes ripping off peoples site.

For that low price of $850. I have charged a whole lot of for one page of your site. I are also paid that much for one page.

I can assist you to get the level of testimonials you require, develop a superior color scheme (that is atrocious) and talk about the weaknesses of the site design, suggesting the necessary improvements.

Without a doubt, you might think an immediate ripoff (sorry, intensely similar) could well be like fifty us dollars. (Hey, we did every one of the research already) Doesn’t work that way. I’d research your internet business, find out why that one site was selected, introduce your management to several sites, and integrate ideas from hundreds of sites into one particular. It’s called effort.

Reward: No lawsuits for copyright infringement and no DMCA takedown news. Your boss might appreciate such trivialities more than a bargain basement web-site.

I looked at the site along with I’d say $450. 00

It all depends on the actual features.

In the event that it’s all PHP/MySQL centered, where the people can update the item themselves (CMS),
that might cost more than a little plain static website.

DC, I do not think he meant to copy your website, it just includes some features along with pages he wishes. That was my undertake it anyway.

While DC said, the actual colors are atrocious. Otherwise, it’s a new cute site. You have access to something similar by www. templatemonster. com regarding $50. Good chance!

Here’s some sort of cute one regarding $63 – http: //www. templatemonster. com/website-templates/28174. web coding

A fair price is determined by the work placed into the site. Yeah $100 would have been a fair price but what might you get for $100 The code must be right, the objective should be addressed, and so on.

An average No. Everybody’s price will probably be different. Looking at portfolios is usually a start, but even those is often deceiving. A beautiful site on the outside may be unpleasant underneath (the program code, that is).

Turnaround will probably be different too. A full time designer can perform it in only a week. That must include no less than a couple involving hours discussing your clients needs and buying a plan. A part-time freelancer would take about 30 days.

I can go on, but there exists not and never are going to be a straight respond to as every designer differs from the others.

There are some positive things to say about the particular layout. But it’s not too cute.

The logo is not really so hot. The topmost split merely contains the item number, a training collar waste of room, as this may be done within your images. The slide indicate is information poor inside the extreme.

Did these guys to some five minute touch-up or maybe work minor miracles They do not say.

I’ve seen significantly better. But that can be neither here or there. What is essential is finding out what the client thinks the internet site is accomplishing. Why they enjoy it, and how " similar" do they expect to acquire

If you take a look, as well as pretty much mishmashes two distinct customer kinds: Residential and Small business. They should each use a clear path with the site — they don’t.

All this could be discussed. Any of it happens to be mentioned in that OP. It’s not simply because none of it’s of interest. But that’s not happening with the fawning and discounting. Fear not the client are certain to get what they asked for — good along with hard.

And they’ll probably be wanting to get it fixed soon after. That can be why my charges are so out-of-the-ballpark. I will be almost never the actual designer they take care of first. I fix the actual $50 templates the client got billed $450 for because aging achieve any goal but being cheap. Adding last the critical effects producing elements in which got stripped out and about to lowball a price is more money-making.

These customers went to craigslist five minutes once they didn’t hear what exactly they wanted.

Hello there,

I could do an affiliate site like that anyone can manage yourself be

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