How Should I Go About Completing My Project?

Howdy everyone,

We have a fairly little eCommerce business. I am wanting to sell a service that would be easy to automate. I am willing to engage a freelance, but in all honesty, I have zero clue where to even start taking how to describe what I need the freelance to undertake without explaining the whole project.

The point of this post is to obtain feedback from people that know what these are talking about on what to tell the particular freelance what We are looking to help make. I would treasure any help on steps to make this possible.

My Project:

We have a program in which encrypts a file. People will possibly be paying me to encrypt their file because encryption adds value to the file. The coding for any encryption is currently done, I just need to make it automated and for a website.

I am going to be using Plimus to simply accept payments. You can purchase details out related to Plimus at Plimus. com. Plimus can distribute something code for each payment. I was thinking this might be an easier way to begin this.

I would like to have a course embedded into my personal website, not the download, as we have to have extra security and wouldn’t normally like to reveal a program persons could crack. One problem that may come into play suggestions I use Volusion to be able to host my web site, so you can’t simply FTP things you require. I do not determine what all you may and cannot carry out on Volusion as I do not know much about website design.

So the end goal just for this project will be to have our encryption program built into our site in some where anyone incorporate the use of it without notice. In order for them to apply it, they must enter a product code they receive upon buying the service. They will then upload his or her file to encrypt, and type in the information, in the text box, they demand encrypted onto the idea. I would want them and therefore re-encrypt as often as they really want, but it Needs to be the same document. I would need to make it so that particular product code is linked to one uploaded document.

I actually don’t even know the place to start talking to a freelance about this, so I am trying to get a bit of knowledge about how this is accomplished before I hire someone. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks Earlier!

What language can be your encryption software created in

Also you can post this necessitie in odesk or elance. Your need appears to be very specific and Read you would locate a suitable one to either one.

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