How to create a poll like this?

I’m currently using Squidoo on my webpage and I’m trying to create a poll at my website that is just like the poll here.

It’s actually a very simple randomized poll. Basically you will need any 2 choices from a large pool with choices and puts them up against each other in the poll. After answered is selected it goes right to the next 2 random choices. While this is actually happening it is monitoring which answer choice gets selected usually. Is there whatever you guys can suggest to aid me out with this particular I’m pretty new to this.

Another slightly more complex example is Famousr such as pictures. (I would favor this but any information will be great).

Pondered to do such as this once along with I wrote the idea myself. It’s really quite a simple thing to value.

Obviously, I don’t realize much about Squidoo, but you can write your own personal widgets, so I’d recommend looking into that if you cannot find a custom made widget (I had a timely look for anyone and couldn’t discover anything)

Look into Poll Daddy. Unclear it will do exactly when you want, but it’s actually a pretty handy resource to find out.

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