How to create a rotating image?

now i’m a graphic designer using a basic understanding of dreamweaver/flash, and I am building an internet site where I require an image of which switches between several images and never having to click anything. I’d also like the images to diminish in and out as they change. I was wondering which program to utilize and is there a easiest way I could do this, I can be building this website in dreamweaver.

i think javascript do this with assistance by using CSS tweaking.. i do not know if dreamweaver have ability to do that..

20 jQuery slideshow/gallery jacks

I make use of Flash CS5, with caurina transitions to undertake my rotating headers of that ranking. I assume you aren’t really familiar considering the program, though, as well as you wouldn’t be asking this question. Someone above, I’m sure, posted a link to some jquery slideshows that happen to be also extremely helpful.

As a result of, it’s really a person’s preference. Some possess a difficult time using actionscript, some with javascript. Some own trouble with each…. you can do it in flash, far too, without using any as3 in any way. You can attain it just when using the timeline.

MY PARTNER AND I use JQuery Cycle Plugin It pai gow poker in nicely to help websites with very little technical knowledge.

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