How to generate web pages automatically?

My organization is making a webpage for my just one. In which We are trying to switch preview of articles into next web site automatically after a limited number of previews in webpage. And that next page is going to be directed by this page numbers inside the bottom of the site. Just like with http: //psd. tutsplus. com/. When they post a brand new tutorial then the past one at your house page automatically retains its place and automatically dates back to next page rather then getting a step down. Please everyone to code of which.

You’ll need any server-side programming language plus a database to let that happen.

Currently, which one is good for you will depend upon everything you’re ultimately gonna accomplish, but there are numerous options for any server-side programming terminology (e. g. PHP, ASP. WEB, ASP, Ruby on Rails, Java) and a few for a list (e. g. MySQL, SQL Host, Access, Oracle).

You will do some research and determine what’s best for your family and what you’re ultimately endeavoring to accomplish. You won’t find code that way for what you might be doing because will probably be application-specific.

There’s no doubt that LAMP ( Linux OS IN THIS HANDSET, Apache HTTP host, MySQL Database equipment and PHP ) is usually a suitable combination with regard to such web options. You can additionally check xoops. org for reference that is certainly an open source CMS and will be customized keeping that in mind.

LAMP is a virtual server setting for testing energetic web code yourself computer. It has nothing related to what Ashok appeared to be asking about, except to perhaps give him the ability to test his or her site before uploading it.

I used to find it kind of entertaining while i read people’s publish that had nothing related to the OP’s unique question, now MY SPOUSE AND I find it troublesome, especially when it truly is from someone which has posted more than a handful of post.

They probably nevertheless don’t realize that is a " no follow" community.

Back to the OP, I actually did this years ago with a MICROSOFT Access DB as well as some creative macros.

A document control system how the client wanted to keep up and manage this content ( it was way before content management systems seeing that we know these today ),

The customer would create written documents, ‘place them in a very specific folder, next update the DB along with control number, location assigned, document title and added identifiers, etc ), then I’d a macro that will run and generate and publish the group of pages that caused by the documents and allowed a computer owner to search, variety, ect.

Ther were about 200 pages for this system, but it generally took about 3 minutes to completely generate each of the pages linked with each other as static pages therefore to their local intranet.

About 4 years ago, I re-created the same system using ASP plus a mysql DB. One table just for all the links ( that send the exact queries as program variables ), the user only must edit or add to the DB and include the document.. Everything else is dynamic.

An entire system is function by 2 websites or code.

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