How to make Firefox’ webdeveloper’s css editor appear in a pop-up window?

I’m endeavoring to open a pop-up keeping this:

The default window that arises from this sort of show up is pretty a lot plain, it includes only the handle bar, if something. In the section with " status=yes", you possibly can add things for instance " toolbar=yes,
location=yes, directories=yes, status=yes, menubar=yes, scrollbars=yes, copyhistory=yes,
resizable=yes’", giving an complete browser GUI towards the pop up.

Nevertheless, none of these " flags" will always make the css editor appear next time i click on the actual extension’s menu option " edit css". Anyone knows what must be there so as to bring the css editor Maybe a different method associated with opening pop ups, for instance, one that would produce a fully fledged windows. I’m a finished newbie.

The intention should be to have a show up with iframes that contain several pages of the same website, so as to visualize all the effects of the css through the entire site (or just as much as I can just a single page in a single monitor) as I edit it around the fly. I’m endeavoring to make several " patches" for the appearance of an internet site, but editing while seeing just one page will typically cause collateral problems on other internet pages. Seeing everything together is much more easier to notice the collateral results and hopefully possibly solve them without reverting back the prior fixture or sometimes causing an escalating cascade of injuries.

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