How to make this image slide over?

In case you go to http: //shovenose. com/dev/ you will notice the Facebook icon in the bottom left nook. How do MY PARTNER AND I make there be a tiny little round X inside the corner of the image that folks can use to obtain it to slide towards left to near it if it gets in the way of the content And I’d prefer there to become little blue factor to click if its closed to create it slide returning on.
Thanks a lot!

See this specific example… the demo could be the contact link to the page:
http: //www. building58. com/examples/tabSlideOut. html

Thank a person!
On the other hand, it doesn’t are most often working properly.
(note that only the home and about pages contain the script in this head; my problem is the fact nothing shows whatsoever on those that do hold the code and it only shows on the ones don’t have the particular code.

Help to make this number little, like 100

topPos: ‘500px’,

Probably on some web pages, the page isn’t tall enough to succeed in 500 pixels, in order that it doesn’t show

It isn’t really working.
Nevermind I don’t care very much about this function. I’ll figure a little something else out; with thanks thogh!

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