How To Put A Book On The Web?

I want to put some sort of 500 page book on the web. But not your novel, it is a Tech Manual – in order that it must be accessible to any selected chapter, even page, rather than just go through from beginning to separate.

It is currently by means of 500. jpg data files.

There’s 22 chapters inside book.

How best that can put these up at my site

Do Need to create an html page for each. jpg file (each scanned page)

Or may i somehow have just one page that exhibits the chosen page

Whichever way the idea goes once the chosen page is displayed learn how to have a ‘Next’ control key or something that will find the subsequent page for them

I guess this ‘Home’ button is simple enough. And ‘back’ is covered by browser ‘back’ arrow.

Convert all this to PDF.

PDF FILE is " easily transportable document" PD…
Anybody can open the item, view it, and print the web pages they choose.

A lot of free PDF internet writers and converters involving JPEG to PDF FILE.

Your 500 page file will be huge, but it will eventually all be in a file.
You could find thousands of technical manuals in this format.

Recommendations an example:
http: //h20000. www2. hp. com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/bpl13210/bpl13210. pdf

Issues with. pdf do you find it loads the complete file, doesn’t it

I clicked on the link and got the full document. Clicked ‘save’ and today I’ve got the full thing on my hard drive.

Few folks going to desire to load the total manual, I believe.

And that HP thing required long enough to help load on the machine, probably lots of others got machines of similar power and would locate it very monotonous…

Though I possibly could chop it up into a. pdf for each and every chapter, say. Still leaves some sort of 100 page doc for downloading just to observe part of which chapter.

But maybe that’s the easiest way we’ve currently got available

main_folder/chapter_1/page_1. txt

the utilization php to develop a 2 tear aray giving a forward connect to the next in succession.

ps. work with a flatfile to accossiate document name with section and sections. this makes the idea easier to index pages from the array by using the filename for a healthy sorting order.

chapter. txt

internet page. txt

I guess I might then go while using PDF chapters.

i used txt using the intention of in site display. must have said so, apologies.

Thanks Dorky. Wouldn’t give me a sample script could possibly you

The files are most. jpg

How’s the item work

An html front end supplies a menu of chapters/sections/pages also it calls a php script which causes the appropriate. jpg to get displayed by searching up this copy file and inserting the correct file name to the script at the suitable place

So I simply have to write the text file as long as the number of choices I’d prefer the user to get: maybe 22 only only offer him chapters and up than 500 merely offer him either individual pages

Can’t I write one thing, somehow, that does everthing in one line – determing the best page I imply (well, not rather one line, but you could possibly know what I mean).

Like the front end is two or three dropdown lists.

A chapter drop down that gives 22 chapters.

Then per chapter a sections dropdown offer – varies in accordance with chapter.

Then a section dropdown offering websites – varies reported by section.

I’ve should write a query file for availablility of pages in just about every section. Maybe an overall of 50 divisions.

Then the signal could lookup the actual file and restriction the page dropdown lists on the right length. Then the input on the page dropdown lists may very well be put into that code where it calls the. jpg

To ensure we reference 500 pages coming from a maybe 50 collection list.

This. jpg files are named such as this: 1-2, 1-3, 1-4……. 22-1, 22-2, 22-3
Such as: page 3 chapter 10 could be: 10-3. jpg

So they are named reported by chapter, then any hyphen, then that page number.

That has a reference list of the amount of pages per chapter the code may possibly construct the page list for your page dropdown.

It could examine another file and obtain a page description if I’ve written 1 by then… leave it blank or…

Similarly using the section dropdowns before we arrive at the pages, really, I guess.

Of which make any perception

How are a person’s page images named In case you number them (e. h. 1. jpg, COUPLE OF. jpg, 101. jpg, or anything else. ), you will be able to easily do this which includes a simple custom PHP script, like so:


< php
//  Put  this  in  a  file  called  publication. php
$chapters  =  array(
1, 15, "Chapter  1"),     //  "Chapter  1"  goes  from  page  1  to  page  15
array(16, 33, "Chapter  2"),
34, 38, "Chapter  3"),
39, 61, "Chapter  4"),

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