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I want to create 12 plus pages (2 Col) that may have the identical header, footer, in addition to sidebar content. The only thing that will change is a main content. I strive to be able update the sidebar for starters page that could update on many of the pages. How do i do that

There are lots of many ways to perform this. So the simple option is merely to use php comprises of, which means you’ll separate out the particular header, sidebar, footer for example. into their own php files (header. php, sidebar. php, footer. php with regard to example). Then have a very page for every one of your 10 web pages, so you could have index. php then please have includes where you wish these parts to seem.

Another way could utilize a framework or templating system to attain it, or perhaps a CMS.

Howdy, one thing to remember. Be careful regarding not loosing your search engine optimisation. You will want separate pages per content use. As stated above a method is to own separate pages for your distinct content after which use PHP includes to the repeating elements. So I consider the above. Also in order to go the template route Dreamweaver has a pretty good 1. I recommend versus Frames as those are increasingly being dropped in HTML DOCUMENT 5 (should are actually dropped quite a while ago).

Difficulties thought on various pages, if you set up category pages and then sub-pages to those pages it might improve your Google look over time. Our site at howtogurus. com is set up this way, index page resulting in category pages resulting to sub-pages. Google indexes all those category pages and then puts a nice box of their search results to get our site that shows not simply the index page and links to the particular category pages. Makes us appearance larger than were, but also helps make our listing more useful for the searcher.

Previous thought, if I was creating a smaller site with simply 10 pages or so I’d just copy and paste the content to those 10 pages, usually faster until you are planning on doing a great deal of updates. But on a bigger site than anything that can reduce the work is ideal. My rule of thumb could be to do whatever is usually fastest and easiest.

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