How was this made?

Howdy guys, im pretty new to web page design, I know basic html and some flash. I’m wondering whenever anyone could explain to me how image/nav box on this page was made http: //www. reed-elsevier. com/InvestorCentre/pages/home. aspx as i’d like to make a little something similar. Im assuming it’s java if any one could help me know the way it was established or point me in the right direction I might be most thankful.

Many thanks.

It may very well be done using espresso scripting or Dhtml. Unless you know anything of these feel free to use a simple application named dhtml routing builder.

You should pay for the idea. On the alternative hand, it needs to be easy enough to look for a jQuery extension that does a similar thing via The search engines.

Java is rarely employed in websites ( MY SPOUSE AND I hope).
In the western world the menu, you can easily find a super easy jQuery tutorial hard.

ASP. NET, jQuery.. and plenty of standalone javascript.

Doesn’t end up being ASP. NET ( which is just the scripting terms the developers use to operate data connections, comprises of, some simple functions to treat the site, in addition to probably a structure system )… in every actuality, it can be re-created with virtually any scripting language… or to be a " static" website… but updates would be very painful…

Among their other websites do use JAVA for your document viewer… but that’s mainly not to lose control of his or her documents that that they let their documented users access ( primarily scientific stuff )… publicized technical papers…

Have a look at these, they use JQuery maybe there is something there similar for you to what your right after…
http: //buildinternet. com/tag/jquery/

Also you can want to examine http: //www. dynamicdrive. com/.

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