How would I…

… add a dynamic press release and industry announcement area to our site design

We are a graphic designer who’s going to be recently adding " internet designer" to my skills. I have happen to be tasked with, and mostly finished redesigning my company’s web page. Here is a better explanation of what I wish to accomplish:
Two other individuals in my organization might be contributing content pertaining to our site all the time, and they aren’t web designers. They must post press releases available for our organization, as well as post industry reports related articles.
Relating to designed areas on the home page the location where the top 5 or so latest stories/press releases could appear, with a title and " go through more" link to your page with being full article.

Right now, we are doing more of these manually because I don’t have learned to have it be more automated. For instance, they write his or her article or press release, create a page regarding it, it then gets included with the full listing of articles or press releases, and lastly, the " leading 5" blocks on the home page dynamically bring up to date.
All of this would happen without requirement my help.

I have created the site with Dreamweaver CS5 and we’ve got Contribute for the reason for other people within the company updating their respective areas on-going.

But this place simple task perplexes us! I know a great deal of sites do them, I just haven’t so much had any luck thus far in searching for your technique.

Our old ugly website is at Flexographic Technical Association – Get acquainted with FTA. Today we launch the fresh site I redesigned and right now that is in this article until we change our domain pointer inside coming hours. Subject to how soon an individual click, the old site could possibly be gone and new site on the above URL.

If anyone can point me from the right direction in how We can do the previously mentioned tasks, I’d be extremely grateful! And i highly recommend you explain fully, as We are still learning the following web development goods.

Thanks ahead of time!

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