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Hello there!

I’m new below and was curious about if anyone the following has used HTML5 inside their work flow yet More for use on Safari through a iPhone/iPad If at all possible, I’d like in order to mimic the appear and feel of an Software package like Pulse along with wondered if WEB CODING 5 is what you want. Pulse is a new news app which has bi-directional scrolling mosaic associated with thumbnail/ news articles

The project could well be web based in addition to support PC & MAC browsers along with the iOS platform (iPhone and also iPad).

Beware of any other things I should consider I have knowledge with flash, nevertheless none with HTML5. Should i stick with what I know to achieve the dynamic interface May anyone have other choices I should imagine looking into

Thanks before hand!

I use HTML5 exclusively. Besides the more thorough new functions, including < canvas>, < audio> along with < video>, it truly is much like including XHTML, but additional semantic. Instead regarding < div id=" header" >, you will just do < header>.
If you intend to support iOS, put aside using flash. Something such as the Pulse app could be done with HTML, whether you work with XHTML or HTML5. Definitely, it would are more about CSS and JavaScript with the effects.

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