I am a "web design assistant" however…

POST haven’t had the entire experience of actually assisting a web designer or web master.

I am currently a web assistant for any PBS station. This TV station is known for a graphic designer and a web master which manages their machine. Additionally, web-savvy employees will post new information towards website because it was built using the CMS.

Therefore my practical knowledge is limited to researching web content for their TELEVISION FOR COMPUTER productions, writing biographical details using Joomla in addition to Ning (CMSes online master already installed), inserting metatags in online video media files and croping and editing images. Most of this kind of work took not many hours and the remaining work week had been spent doing administrative projects. I feel like I’ll do more!

Only applied for an assistant position in the web design company (although it depends on what of which company specializes in), what would I be expected to do for 15-20 hours weekly, Starbucks runs involved How could POST convince management i always would be an asset

Many thanks

You’re not just a web design assistant, because you’re not assisting with web page design.

You’re a web content writer.

In order to learn more about web page design, and move up into a more technical place, take it upon yourself to learn more. Learn photoshop, learn HTML, find out CSS, etc.

No company will hire a new content writer to be a web designer. They are different fields.

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