i have been offered a new, steady gig

Nonetheless now I’m kind of scared because it’s been a long even though since I worked for an actual company, maintaining its website.
The abilities I currently have finally are: HTML signal, expert knowledge connected with Dreamweaver-type web editors (TSW is the way I roll), and recently this year CSS scripting. I have learned to do Javascript pop-up windows, rollovers, image-maps, et cetera. I’m familiar by using FTP programs along with designing in Flash.

This is what I THINK I needs to add to my personal skills:
Php, perl, unix, asp, as well as some other server-side code
Because Make don’t know what exactly common skill sets are required to maintain today’s websites. I will be doing work for a busy non-profit agent.

What script or even code do most of you guys deal with when maintaining any corporation’s website What’s the typical work like Will be the skills learned in maintaining a corporation’s website applicable that will other creative/entertainment improvement careers

The thing you need to know depends on the job (and something you must definitely know before accepting the job). What information can be bought.

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