I Need Some Opinions Please

Howdy all,

I would be much appropriated if i can get some opinions within the following website layout.
This design may be for a new gaming clan/community who has been in the work in the past 5 months and visiting for an end.
This can be unfinished and even now needs some polishing. These where the ideas of the particular designer with a few input of my own. The brief was to own a site which usually looks clean along with fresh and won’t look like all the other army style family sites out their particular. I’m unsure in the wings and its looking slightly cluttered imo, so please make loose and well then , i’ll hear your opinions.
I thought this was the latest update for any flash work
and the actual site making use of VB for discussion boards.

Expect hearing your views.


I believe it’s very group specific.
My opinion as a 55 year old, are not the same for any 20-something user.


It’s not only demographic-specific, it’s psychographic-specific. Considering the opinions associated with gamers in probably the 18-35 range. I am 34 myself, nonetheless I’m no player, so I don’t believe I could give an opinion, also.

I ‘m no Gamer also, but I thought it looked cool, and the music added a fantastic touch, although I don’t relish it when an online site plays music devoid of me telling that to.

Thank you for the comments up to now.
I understand the site is made for a gaming demographic-specific variety group but I became hoping to catch an all rounder type believe would suit all age ranges not just that 18-35 year good old.
What would you add or change to present it that kind of feel or opinion.
I find the logo font could be a little cartoonish and on the list of hardest decision to make the right font out there which could be making it look younger (if that will makes any sense).

Many thanks again

Which font are you talking about The one in the logo I believe it’s fine.

That menu/plain text font is actually fine too.

Only were to help to make one criticism (besides the particular music), it’s that contrast is a little low. You’ve got a lot of white text with light backgrounds. All those are hard for you to read. Other compared to that, it appearance pretty cool.

Howdy TheGAME1264,
Thanks on your reply.
Used to do mean the header font and also edited my continue post.
I prefer criticism, in your opinion regarded as a leave out the sound effects/music or maybe lower the volume because it comes with an off/on switch on top of. I see what exactly you mean because of the light contrast, I’ll mention this into the designer.

Get away from it off by means of default. If someone would like to turn it with, then someone can certainly. Most won’t.

Here’s something take into account… do you listen to MP3s on your computer The same one you’d be checking out the website along with I do. I listen to numerous music. And I as soon as someone puts a sound in that , I wasn’t expecting that results mixing with the MP3 I’ve received playing. Jimmy Buffett and also generic techno music just usually do not mix well collectively.

Good stage.
Many thanks

This is really weird,

In the world where everything will go " More media" I want " More media". The majority are still not wanting to make the web experience a totally multimedia experience. Maybe they are already listening to something else, maybe you will find there’s baby asleep and the volume is rejected, maybe this you person has earphones as opposed to speakers plugged throughout, and they tend to be sitting aside.

For some reason, most folks I understand, only turn up the quantity when they are watching something they expect sound along with.

It probably can be an uphill battle together with everything else in your home fighting for ones ear time, by using beeps, rings, hues, etc.

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