i want to build a video conferencing site…

Fine, not really. Yet kinda. I need to create a site with regard to my clients along with the closet thing to it allow me to find out there’s a webcam site. We need to build a niche site where different employees here is usually logged in, once the clients log on they could see who is definitely live and which isnt. no fee etc, just ways to interface with the clients. I would love to use soemthing like skype but they might need registration. I do not prefer to require my client to obtain to sign up with skype although it really is the direction i go. I would prefer a site much like the livejasmin deal but instead of girls the user can consult my customer provider dept, i know exciting to speak about the least. I highly recommend you advise on route. I looked straight into livestream but I really need mutiple cams readily available for the client to click. Its one upon one conversations, not necessarily shows.

Thank you

2 thoughts without even browsing Google:
ONE. UStream
ONLY TWO. Have you attempted emailing the masters of LiveJasmin

I noticed ustream too. Might appear to be they are constructed for Shows.. I would like to take the ads heli-copter flight stream and they charge quite a bit to do that and promote the quantity of users at only once. Again, i simply just want one-on-one. as well as #2, yes i contemplated it. Doubted theyd assist, but i guess it wont harmed. i’ll try which now while im considering it.

There use that they are scripts you could stream a webcam feed to in addition to display it on the site, the main issue with which is most cheap web host providers don’t service it, or its bandwidth charges tend to be outrageous.

If you are a support organization, perhaps you use a visible server ( or one that can be made visible ) coordinator the stream out of that server. Win2k3 had a video internet server, never used it that very much, but you would want an ip based camera for it. Not sure, yet suspect win2008 machines have something identical.

Then just iFrame that feed into your blog.

Lol this appears like Chinese to my home…

Hey, I simply remembered, I have a very Sony IP digicam I use at one of my clients sites, it has it really is own builtin host. And a dydns buyer builtin. IFRAME the feed onto a niche site… Done. I guess youll need determine you internal community routings, firewall guidelines etc. But it really is completely doable.

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