Idea’s For A Project In 3rd Yr Of Uni?

Hi there guys,

I will start my Third and final 12 months at university studying for the degree in Website Technologies… and I am necessary to think of your project in which Need to demonstrate to my lecturers what Relating to done theoretically and practically. I can pick to make anything which can be where the trouble lies.

I have no idea what to create…. I am great at html, xhtml, css, php, jquery and after effects. Can someone propose me a project I could do given the technologies I will be capable of implementing.

With thanks A Lot

Hmmmm…. pretty open ended.

In person, When I’m jammed, I try to find something I just like and re-create the item…

or think of a problem or a worry where web technologies generally is a benefit and build something that could resolve or assist in resolving the challenge.

How I got one of my own first jobs employing web technologies is I worked for a manufacturing facility in which ran 24/7… greatest problems faced by simply rotating shifts was communicating similar things to all shifts on time…

I developed a intranet system that let many of the shifts communicate its job needs, safety needs and scheduling issues with regard to production purposes.

Since teaching countless individuals HTML was impossible, I found the wysiwyg editor, they modify its pages as they need to with the publisher. Save the document, and my scripts run every 10 minutes seeking to see if any of these edited files own changed, if they’ve they are pulled on the server, if they haven’t then almost nothing happens.

I’m currently taking care of a revamp with the entire site, incorporating a DB backend along with a web based wysiwyg editor that is related to what they will be currently using.

err very clever in truth! thanks for a person’s response…

this bit where i am lacking is my own imagination and creativitty… i like loads of things which we wouldnt mind re-creating however i cant imagine anything i can certainly re-create or how i’ll re-create. I am not an advanced programmer but allow me to do html… css… jquery and we dont think using the limited skills concerning, i can do much to make the original creation into a fantastic new formation.

but thanks for understanding into what your doing…

Ahh WE see, I always wished Used to do a website intended for my final season project. Okay therefore , the sort of tasks people did during my university was:

  • A golf website (allowed that you meet local golfers, find information with regards to local clubs plus some social networking)
  • There was an event website for a good art exhibition
  • There has been a recipe publication thing, and it had a cool feature where you could potentially drag on to a plate the average cooked breakfast you’d eat also it told you this fat, calories along with all that products.
  • There had been 2 websites which usually gave information with local pubs in addition to bars, and made possible event organisation products. (bit overdone WE think)

Yeah WE can’t remember a lot of, but the cooking area one was definitely the best, one an award I bear in mind. So maybe you must think about what interests you’ve Are you directly into any sport, anything in the local area Any aid organization events which are deprived of a website (or a fantastic website) Any song stuff

There are many things on my lists of adventures as web programs. The first thing is surely an interactive piano which you can play with the mouse or keyboard, also , you record a track, which it then results in it becoming sheet music.

The 2nd is a mind map generator, most JavaScript and PHP, and savable/exportable/shareable.

You have got different interests however, have you contemplated a game or some kind of interactive application

quote=" In person, When I’m jammed, I try to find something I just like and re-create the item…

Thats just what exactly I would do in addition… look for the project that had been created then just ensure it is better! You will not be re-inventing this wheel par se, just making the item better.

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