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Hey there,

I’m likely to make a new website as well as a friend with my. But the situation is, we do not have a good subject for it.. So I had been wondering whether any of you will have any tips for any nice subject pertaining to our new webpage. We want a heavy one and that’s usefull if anyone else is.

In case you have any ideas, you should tell me. Any kind of comments are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

I guess to make an details site, you need to get something you know more than an average joe and use which. I’m not positive how popular your page might be, because you can Google almost everything these days. But if you really want to make a niche site, good luck for your requirements!

Li Brad

well it might help if most people knew about what are the things you are into for any start

It would be pointless someone pouncing in saying something like web design if you do not know anything concerning this, or if another person said do one of garden bowls, if would often be stupid you doing it in case you have no real interest or knowledge in the subject

Why not a pissible list of possiblities for you to have considered

I gave up a site regarding pure help as I believe it wouldn’t become really my form.. Well, I’ve been considering several elements..

One was to present new webmasters scripts to make use of on their website. I have produced several things, for instance a counter, news system and more like that. But I think it wouldn’t really exercise as there’s an excess of of it. You’ll find so many ‘organisations’ which has a well-known name, just what exactly would make my website rather unnecessary.

One more thing was an on the internet script for companies to create advertisement-posters using a web based program which they could download to *. pdf file format, maybe with small costs..

One other thing I thought about was setting in place a text-based RPG. No details worked out yet, but I think that there’s also an excess of competition.

And yeah, I truly do know I must good quite stupid saying ‘I would like to make a site but I do not know what about. "

Kind regards.

Look around in addition to see in what ways you can actually improve existing thoughts, for example you can explain to a whole novice about scripts from a range of sites or some sort of forum offering support for them.

Properly maybe.

To hit your objectives, it will end up being something that you are aware of a lot concerning. A site about the subject of your hobbies or your profession is fine, but it’s probably not possible for anyone to express to a stranger things to make a website about.

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