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Hello Everyone!

My organization is new to this site and would to begin with like to be grateful for anyone who behaves to my line!

I was recently given that duty of renovating (front end only) a new computer reseller’s internet site. The current website is www. avadirect. com.

The site is quite product and information oriented and often see. The owners need to keep the coloration palette similar and they also want to veer from the any dark colors in the background. We will not want to appear to be a gaming computer system manufacturer e. f. alienware, maingear, and so forth. We want the finished result to look fresh and cutting edge but above almost all, professional!! If anyone possesses any ideas with direction or any types of navigation that they will know of already published on the internet, I would adore to read/see them. Obviously I don’t prefer to plagiarize or take from anyone but I sooo want to have some a lot more ideas.

Somewhat background on me personally: I am any seasoned graphic creator but haven’t done extensive website development. So I’m far from informed on all recent styles and traits. I do know basic to born again beginners html, css plus flash.

(The company prefer to not use numerous flash. )

Any and all thoughts or links that you just have would be greatly appreciated.

well the site has already been kinda dark themed but they demand to try to avoid dark ok, give some gradient towards the box headers, finish closing the containers and shadow them, texture the body bg, use a gloss image and opacity for your nav bg. not sure what to share with you the blue, it is the only color that may be close to what they demand to keep and still choose the grey. see if you possibly could talk them in to a more lively coloration pallet.

Thanks for the reply!

It truly is product and records oriented.

The left hand column is usually a distraction. There is zero visual flow towards design. The eye doesn’t know how to start, nor how to move through the files dump. There is actually zero " information scent. "

It’s really a very professional seeking vending machine. It doesn’t assist shoppers trying to make up your mind.

Monkeying with the idea for no obvious reason than you have to get paid and also the owners got weary is no cause to change whatever. An excuse, probably, but not grounds.

Beneficial Designers Redesign, Great Designers Realign Actually shutting off laptop, and watching users create a savings fund site. You realign upon USERS, not Photoshop, not some net scheme color picker (emphasis on scheme).

Get where a design change will minimize order abandonment, not what color scheme is likely to make everyone happy regarding the current level of abandonment.

Thanks for considering the site.

I couldn’t accept you more. It does could be seen as a virtual vending machine in fact it i more data driven then information.

At this time we are appealing into a narrow demographic (engineering authorities, computer geeks, and so forth. ) who love the quality of data that we have on our website. We want to be able to broaden our customer base to feature computer users who want quality custom-built computers for " each day use".

We begin utilizing banners which premier specific products, specials etc. We want the newest design to utilize css to create the navigation welcoming without overwhelming but as well we want it that they are (for the loss of a better term) nice.

I’ve attached a sample on the version that I’ve develop. It was with one voice agreed that it really is too " heavy" plus dark. I have difficulty with the header, privately and overall direction-finding. Any critique that anyone provide would be made welcome.

Thanks ahead!

Well the revolutionary design is certainly more appealing if you ask me, but you tend to be right, it is often a bit dark.

Maybe you could try putting the primary part of the page over a lighter, or even white background, lightening up that blue framing while in the bar with the actual images for expert, personal, government, and so forth, and then by using a darker background colour in the footer

person thats 100 situations better. i would still work on giving it modest dimensional accents. personally i like darker themes.

The universal response to complex confusing design could be to bury the bafflement in menus, using them being a junk drawer. Non users glancing at it can say it appears to be neat. Users will not.

There is certainly only one use for any splash page like this, set different consumer segments onto different paths via a site. You haven’t much done that right here.

Beneficial work, you have graduated on the level of stereotype.

Incredibly insightful! Thanks for the.

That’s just strangely we are trying to accomplish. That’s the key reason why I created the " Professional", " Personal" plus " Government" icons down at the end, to further special our customers on the areas of coursesmart they should become shopping in. Albeit it’s really a rough idea which needs polish.

I guess POST should update how the site that I am developing will now be another entity and web address from avadirect. com. This will be avacomputers. com and will be more of a pc solutions boutique site. So AVAdirect might be staying as is good for the foreseeable long term.

We are trying to make the avacomputers site an even more pleasant shopping practical experience. What we prefer to shy away from is often a casual computer user coming to the site in addition to becoming overwhelmed by using options and just putting a stop to and going to dell or trip and buying a strong inferior computer by using inferior components. We also need to emphasize the feeling of quality value for our solution.

The version i provided is no longer being considered and I’m focusing on others. I will place updates and might be get your getting grants them as effectively.

Thanks a ton again!

So will i! I think deeper themes create much less design obstacles but we are trying to reach out into a more broad demographic and feel some sort of dark theme alienates us a little.

Bless you for checking it out!

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