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We have no experience with web designing. I am coming to you guys for advice. If I would like to create a website similar to this particular website zocdoc. com what would be your best way to undertake so Should WHEN I find freelance coders and designers to figure on my project In that case, should I as well as using freelancers via scriptlance. com

Fundamentally, I would like my a way to function similar that will Zocdoc. com. Whenever a visitor comes to help my website they might filter our their search criteria by simply selecting certain different types to narrow along their search. Upon displaying final results, it will display profiles from users that become a member of an account in my website. Almost like a list, where it narrows to specific fields the actual visitor selects.

The amount of would a project to set-up a website like that be Thank you for ones help!

Do you have an existing internet site yet
If not, you’ll first must subscribe to a new webhost, and also register a website name.

This will likely require PHP and MySQL (for in which database).
Undecided how your existing site is set-up, or maybe what your skills are.

It appears like you need a freelancer You may try in the Marketing section of this forum also.

Yes, We have a domain and website now. It is currently simply a blog and I’m aiming to have it redesign when using the new idea along with remove the web log.

I’ll say now that it’s going to be very hard to install/program an innovative site
while your blog is due to place. I suggest you subscribe to some new
webhost account (with a similar webhost), but not only a domain name.

Contain the programmer create the new site in the new account and use
that " webhost/default bill name" to view as well as online. When the
website is complete along with tested, you simply point your prevailing domain name
towards new site, and let the actual old host akun expire and go away. Or you
can certainly just keep that for experimenting.

The main element to really having your project running is usually to create a complete
specification on what your new site will probably be doing, and this requirements
with regard to data (users, businesses, locations, etc. ) A programmer won’t qive
you a quote with out knowing your " organization plan", " specifications", and
knowing that you have a tangible goal.

You don’t prefer to remove the blog whenever you can avoid it, assuming you have unique and valuable content in right now there. You can 301 this old pages for the new ones, but maintain your content. More content = far more entry points for a site.

So far as your idea moves, you don’t automatically need PHP/MySQL, nonetheless any database along with server-side programming terminology could do. The thing I’d advise alongside is " doing something very much alike someone else", if you don’t mean conceptually. If you’re talking about going for a site like zocdoc. com in addition to making another health practitioner referral site, you almost certainly won’t see an ROI that might justify your efforts.

So far as cost goes… depends upon what features you choose, and a good designer/developer can take your strategies, suggest his/her personal, and come in place with something you both can live along with. It also is determined by layout (do you will need one, or will the previous one work) It also depends on after-development help and addition involving features. In some other words, you’re not visiting find a budget consequently. The one thing I’d suggest should be to find a designer on oDesk. You should use their hourly rate feature along with # of hours a week to see their own work, make convinced they’re on point, and stay on target.

So for any site similiar to help zocdoc. com, what content management product is good to use hard If I was to acquire a developer produce a site similar will i use a subject matter manager system including expression engine

Anything may very well be. It’s a make a difference of what works for you personally. The best answer would be a customized solution, due to the fact a good creator will build it without on the excess garbage, even though.

I am unfamiliar with Expression Engine, although from what I’ll gather it’s received quite the hype machine linked to it.

Once more, though, I’m asking yourself what you indicate by " very much alike zocdoc. com". In the event you mean a clone/knockoff web site, they usually fail along with a good developer can know this along with advise. So before you decide to go any further, is this a medical industry form of site, or a niche site with similar features for the different industry.

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