IE8 thinks he’s IE6

I know this isn’t exactley a Web development question, more the browser question, but maybe someone will help me.
I’ve recentley set up IE8 (upgrading out of IE6) and IE8 is what shows while in the Help> About info, but using IE8 I find the following or some thing simular from
sites that will no longer support IE6:

Incompatible internet browser alert
Sorry but we will not support Internet Explorer 6TH. Please download and use a more up-to day browser:

World wide web Explorer 8 Mozilla Firefox Search engine Chrome Opera.

Every ideas


Sounds like IE8’s if it is compatible mode is started, and for just one reason or a different it thinks it needs to use the idea on that internet site.

Resources -> Compatibility View

Hi Wired, Thanks for the reply.
Compatibility mode just isn’t turned on, I tried turning that on and off, no difference still having the incompatible browser communication.
Some other ideas Is there something Possible have missed next time i installed IE8



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