Iframe redirection without eternal loop.

Once i redirect to an iframe, naturally the iframe continues in an infinite loop due to the redirection in the main page. Does anyone possess any ideas on how to fix this

naturally redirect to an iframe have you been trying to place a page into the iframe when your link is clicked help to increase link target=" frame_1" amplify iframe name=" frame_1"

Here, I think Now i’m simply appending target=" iframe1" against the URL wrongly…

What does one think

Also, and no. I’m actually just trying to have a 301 redirect to another page containing an iframe of the page embeded inside it. That’s the easiest method to get the software embedded into my personal site really.

my oh my. ok so you making the effort to get 3rd party data against your site if therefore. set the redirect into the path(url/file) of that iframe and address the iframe to load the 3rd party stuff.

src =" http: //3rd_party/url. html"

if you could share a little the over many project, there may always be better ways to begin this. iframes can possess undesired effects determined by the use along with any links on the data displayed will have to target the iframe or it will eventually break right out the iframe to your point of origin.

I solved the challenge, but just with regard to future users reason I’ll explain what I used to be doing, and just how I achieved my desired result.

WHEN I created an image-board with my site… I needed to embed this image board into my site, but that proved for being too difficult. I noticed which other’s who were running identical software I installed therefore to their image boards were while using the iframe attribute that can put it into their own desired web-pages.

I developed the iframe, and it also worked decently. The challenge was that once you posted on that board, it would take you back to the non-iframed board… I figured I’d personally simply create some sort of redirect from that page to ensure that it wouldn’t be problems. The issue came should the redirect fell directly into an infinite loop due to the iframe running this redirect within by itself.

I finally fixed this matter by editing the files in the wakaba software and setting my default site to the sought after URL.

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