Iframe suddenly doesn´t work. Please help!!


I have a website: SUPREME MACFARLANE Your origin for everything Luke Macfarlane within English, Spanish along with Italian

This worked perfectly yesteryear but today the particular links dont job. They all should open in an iframe however it suddenly stopped functioning today.

You need to, can you help me I dont know what direction to go.


Give us a link it does not work

Your website has too a lot information all jumbled together…
I can’t learn how to work it, or what it’s purported to do.

LOL it vertisements a fansite like almost every other. The info is just not " all jumbled together", it has this typical structure of the fansite.

Anyhow, someone already said the mistake, hence its solved these days.

that was a strange journey in the mind of ladies

Hey, Dorky – don’t tar all of us with the exact same brush! My imagination is FAR more weird than this…

LMFAO okay. my bad!

The question I have is… why are people using an iframe for content it doesn’t justify having an iframe.

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