I’m just not getting something…

Hi all,

I’m no newbie on the subject of web stuff, Formerly suffering with tinnitus active in the net world for about Three years now. That staying said, I EVEN NOW struggle with design and style.

I am taking care of a mock-up for the potential client and I just now feel like there’s something that I’m not getting. I want your website to follow the present trends and, throughout my eyes, it is just not presently there.

So here’s a pic of what I have so far. Any constructive criticism can be much appreciated.

As well, I don’t have got a legit copy of the logo yet, that is why that looks thus crummy.

I think we need to see your site " for real". To us it looks FINE. But how it
appearance full-size, and how it resizes are going to be something we need to see. Also,
the opposite pages would be nice to see.

The opposite focus will be within the " back-end" scripting. Utilizing PHP, Google Routes V3 API,
and other dynamic features. The particular " building" photo gallery are going to be important also.

Give us a url to the real site.

This is merely what I possess in Photoshop, I haven’t nevertheless started to change it into HTML and CSS. It’s going upon WordPress and my own partner has the actual handle on the entire back-end things.

My issue is always that whenever I make an effort to design something and follow current web trends, I look my design just simply looks pretentious.

I do think it looks fine, but how it is put together and also rendered with Squidoo…
the whole thing could change. So, obtain it online and subsequently re-ask the dilemma.

http: //sixrevisions. com/tutorials/p… a-clean-web-20-style-web-design-in-photoshop/

Thanks for all your input! I reckon that article is really visiting help me obtain my website looking how I want them. Also, I simply just joined this forum today, glad I did!

Excellent resource, Smoseley! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been looking for something like this kind of that is simple to use and understand. Especially on the subject of code validation.

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